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[To use this calculator you can insert net income under different heads directly in "Amount in Taka" column. If you want to calculate those by using software please click on the respective 'Details']
S/N Heads of Income Amount in Taka Details
1 Salary Details
2 Interest on Securities  
3 Income from House Property Details
4 Agricultural Income (Net)  
5 Income from Business or Profession  
6 Share of Profit in Firm(s):
Total Income of Firm Share of the Assessee
  Total Share of the Assessee  
7 Income of the Spouse or Minor Child  
8 Capital Gains u/s 31      
9 Income from Other Source  
Total Income (serial no. 1 to 9 excluding 82C income)  
Tax Leviable on Total Income  
Investments Details
Tax Rebate:  
(a) u/s 44 (2) (b) Tk. 
(b) Taxed Income (From Firm/AOP) Tk. 
  Total of (a) and (b)  
Tax already Paid  
Net Tax Payable